New Release: Elephant Notebook

Notebook is now live!

Available for purchase in:









A Look Inside:

Elephant Forest Notebook Viewing Gallery
Please note that images seen here are intentionally provided at lower resolution. The purpose of this viewing gallery is to provide a glimpse of the front and back cover, and most importantly, a look at the interior layout.

Sample of Interior Page


A minimalistic notebook with a stunning cover capturing an elephant’s stroll through the forest. Lined pages with page numbers for easy referencing. Can be used to take notes, keep a journal, outline a story or create a bullet journal. The possibilities are endless.

A perfect gift for students, animal lovers, planners, and maybe even the next JK Rowling, Stephen King or David Baldacci.


  • Cover: Glossy paperback
  • Size: 8.5″ x 11″ (Letter Size)
  • Paper: White
  • Type: Lined
  • Line Spacing: 5.84 mm
  • Pages: 120 pages / 60 sheets
  • Numbered Pages: Yes

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