Writing Method: Snowflake by Randy Ingermanson (Printable Summaries)

Randy Ingermanson is a theoretical-physicist-turned-author who uses the same left-brain logic from his first career to organize his right-brain’s creativity when writing a novel.  He is famously known for his novel structuring process called the Snowflake Method.

I find the method to be interesting and helpful, but the actual article expounding it a bit long-winded (approx. 3,500 words in length). I felt it would have been nice to have more of a bird’s-eye-view of the process.

So I decided to create a summary of it myself. Or rather, summaries. They are basically brief overviews of the same article just organized/presented in different ways (because I feel it helps in creating multiple neural connections). Feel free to check them out here: Snowflake Method Summaries & print out any you prefer.

Description of Each Summary

Snowflake Method - Thumbnail 1
page 1 – bird’s eye view


Snowflake Method - Thumbnail 2
page 2 – a more detailed overview


Snowflake Method - Thumbnail 3
page 3 – same information as page 2 in chart-format

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