Writing Method: 7-Point System by Dan Wells (Printable Summaries)

10 pictures of doors leading, one of them being yellow, with text overlay of "7 point structure to plotting your novel"

Last year, Dan Wells, author of "I Am Not A Serial Killer" went over a story structure he found in the "Star Trek Narrator's Guide: Roleplaying Game", which he renamed as the 7-Point System.  He generously shared his PowerPoint presentation which can be found here (which includes 2 story examples), but as usual, I felt having a summarized …


Writing Method: Snowflake by Randy Ingermanson (Printable Summaries)

Randy Ingermanson is a theoretical-physicist-turned-author who uses the same left-brain logic from his first career to organize his right-brain's creativity when writing a novel.  He is famously known for his novel structuring process called the Snowflake Method. I find the method to be interesting and helpful, but the actual article expounding it a bit long-winded (approx. 3,500 words in …

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