The Most Important Personal Finance Habit Everyone Should Adopt (+ Free Printable to Help You Establish It)

A European currency slipped in the back jeans' pocket, with the text overlay that says "Cash Flow"

The most important step in managing your finances is actually the basic first step that many fail to do: track their finances. Without judgement, without repercussions, just simple recording. But it's that simple habit of documenting transactions that lead to huge insights which can create the biggest ripples of positive changes for you financially. All …


Printable – Daily Expense Logsheet

Best way to get a handle on your expenses is to keep track. Accompanying Article: What Being 40k in Debt Taught Me about Personal Finance Excerpt: "I once had a friend who was extremely generous. She bought her sister a laptop, her parents whatever they wanted and just as she was about to run out …

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