Personal Goals

Lifetime Goals:

Bolded items are goals currently being worked on.

  1. Become a driver [Completed: Jul 2019]
  2. Own a car [Completed: Mar 2018]
  3. Repay debt [Started: Apr 2018 | Progress: 5,662.77/40,000 = 14%]
  4. Read 1,000 books [Started: Dec 2012 |Progress: 66/1000 = 7%]
  5. Reach the end of the Quran
  6. Own a condo
  7. Learn Arabic
  8. Become a practicing Muslimah (i.e., pray 5 times a day)
  9. Obtain a degree
  10. Obtain CPA designation
  11. Complete a MIT challenge
  12. Be a kinder individual
  13. Write a 50,000-word book
  14. Become a published author
  15. Learn martial arts
  16. Learn and play badminton regularly
  17. Learn hip hop dancing
  18. Sign up for and attend a different workout/dance lesson every weeknight (e.g., salsa, hip hop, Pilates, spin, kickboxing, yoga, etc.)
  19. Learn and play basketball on a weekly basis
  20. Perform regular high intensity workouts
  21. Become a professional blogger
  22. Earn $100,000 yearly (mainly from side gigs)
  23. Cultivate passive income streams
  24. Learn cooking
  25. Become an independent woman
  26. Take a year off and travel

Next Step/Order of Priority:

[Updated/changed as of 2021]

  1. Repay Debt
  2. Cultivate passive income streams [Medium]
  3. Read 1,000 books
  4. Write a 50,000-word book (can be non-fiction or fiction)

2021 Goals

  1. Pay off 6k towards loan [500 per month]
  2. Read 10 books this year [1 book per month + cushion for longer books]
  3. Write 52 articles for Medium
  4. Write 1,000 word per month toward a book – either non-fiction or fiction.


  1. Track finances on a weekly basis to ensure you’re keeping your costs down.
    Complete another “No buy year”
  2. Dedicate at least 2 hours a week to reading a book.
    It takes around 5 hours to finish a 80,000-word book. 2 hours a week x 4 weeks = 6 hours a month, which will give you ample time finish reading 1 book.
  3. Write everyday shooting for at least 1,000 words towards Medium articles.
    Or 2 hours of dedicated time.
    Assign publish time to 5 AM every Tuesday until you complete the year. Then go back and see if you can fill up the year with Thursday 5 AM posts.
  4. Figure out how to dedicate time to writing fiction.

Previous Years

2020 Goals

What dreams do you have? What are some of your goals? Are you working towards one of them this year?


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