12 Tips for Finishing Your Novel

Picture of funky colored leaves (pink and purple) with the text "Write a Novel" overlaid on top of it.

In honor of Preptober, below is a list of solutions to the major problems writers face while drafting: Choose one story. Working on one story cuts down on the time needed to refocus and makes it easier to achieve depth. To choose the right story, freefall write (i.e., stream of conscious) your thoughts on all …


Do Anything

Picture of a lightbulb against dark background with the text, "Do Anything" overlaid

Do anything to get you started. When you don't feel like working and all the planners, routines, timers and complicated productivity systems aren't helping, throw everything out and do anything. That could mean lying on the couch and doing nothing, but if you're out on the internet looking for ways to make yourself do something …

Michael Phelps: “Putting Money in the Bank”

A picture of Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian swimmer of all time, wearing and holding all the medals he's won over the span of his career.

https://youtu.be/Y8ZZS0qrVNw?t=79 Stay Focused Through Wins "Yeah winning a gold medal is absolutely incredible. There's nothing better than standing on the podium, listening to your national anthem play...but for me I'm somebody who knew that I had 7 other events after the first day. So I had to throw that to the back of my head. …

Book Notes: “The Dip” by Seth Godin – Knowing When to Quit

A picture of the book cover for "The Dip" written by Seth Godin, with the following text beside it: "Annotated"

I was always under the impression that successful people finish what they started. In "The Dip", Seth Godin posits that successful people are really serial quitters. They’re just better able to determine when to quit and when to stick with something to the very end. And in his book, summarized below, Godin outlines a criteria …

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