Well, hello hello.

Welcome to my humble abode!

This site/blog is about world restoration.

What does she mean? Sounds environmental.

Nope, this will not be an environmental blog, though I might speak of it from time to time. Maybe. Possibly. Probably not.

It’s about anything in the world that might need a bit of extra attention. These are the things that matter to me and I think should be spoken about. This blog will be about making changes in world. Sounds a bit presumptuous? Pompous? Overly ambitious? Downright arrogant? All of the above, you say?

Please allow me to explain:

This blog will be about making changes in world, but I’m going to go through this from an—although not unknown, but—unusual angle. I will speak about books, lessons, causes and personal development (because as the saying goes if you’ve changed yourself, then you’ve changed the world).

That said, I look forward to any feedback on any way I can improve the site.

We have a long road ahead of us and I can’t wait to get started, so welcome! There’s so much to see ahead!

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