Top 10 Insights to Help Set Up a Writing Habit

The secret to success is in the habits you possess. One vital thing that sets successful writers apart from the ones that never make it are their habits. Their ability to come back to their work day after day, regardless of zombie apocalypses and new episodes of Orange is the New Black. Chris Fox correctly identifies…

Writing Method: Writing into the Dark (Pantsers) by Dean Wesley Smith

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Mini Habits – Breaking it Down

Stephen Guise is the founder of Deep Existence, a blog about self-development, and the writer of Mini Habits, a book about his personal philosophy on how to get things done (with research that backs up some of his arguments). I found the book to be a pretty good starting point for personal development and so without…

An Argument for Focused Work

Cal Newport recently released his new book, “Deep Work”, which posits that our ability to engage in concentrated efforts on meaningful work will set us apart in today’s marketplace. I decided to read it based on all the glowing reviews on Amazon at the time of its release. Unfortunately, I was more than a little disappointed. I felt…

All You Ever Really Need to Know to Study Efficiently

Lately, I’ve become obsessed with learning about learning. I realize this should be an intuitive process by now, but apparently not to me. I hit a snag while working on my designation, consisting of an overload of information and the sheer inability to keep up. Yet others seem to be faring well and with more on their plate….