Well, hello hello.


I’ve tried long and hard to figure out how I can describe GWUWI. Over the years, I’ve changed this particular description multiple times and I’m still not any closer to figuring it out than when I first started.

Until the day I get it all figured out (ha), I thought I’d at least cover the major points:

Who am I?

This is the least important question out of the four, but I figured I’d get it out of the way. I work in accounting, but I write on the side. I am not a professional (i.e., not yet published). At best, you can describe me as a part-time writer.

What can you find here?

Articles on writing, book summaries, and other knick knacks (e.g., printables, Notion templates, checklists, the odd life hack or two). Most of the articles written here were originally written as quick references for myself or reminders to myself on how to best approach writing and sometimes life’s other challenges.

I write to think, so I may contradict earlier posts when I make new discoveries. Apologies in advance. Will try and correct it if I see it but a good rule of thumb might be: if you spot a contradicting post on a particular topic, please feel free to take the most recent as the best or most accurate stance.

What is the significance of “GWUWI”?

GWUWI stands for “Green Where U Water It”. It’s a grounding phrase to remind myself that if I want certain things to get better, a particular amount of focus and effort needs to be expended on learning, working through, and developing those areas of concern. Otherwise, I’ll have my head in the clouds for too long.

Which is why, along with articles and resources on writing, you may also find articles on motivation, goal-setting, personal finance, productivity, and self-development in general. As stated earlier, I write to think, and summarizing (or synthesizing new connections) help me encode things better. Sharing my summaries/notes in hopes that they can help you learn faster than me.

What is my core ‘writing prompt’ for the posts here?

Ray Bradbury famously tells the story of how he has a sign over his typewriter that says, “Don’t Think”. It serves as a reminder to himself to let his heart lead his work and not his head.

I needed an equivalent message to keep myself consistent in terms of what, why and how I write, despite writing across multiple interests. A tall order. But after months of thinking it over, I’ve finally figured out my reminder message to myself: “follow your curiosity”.

Although this site will focus on writing, I want to make space for some of my side interests. In the past, I’ve kept myself from diving too far into other topics because of common advice to niche down, but I think I can deliver more engaging content when my own interest is fueling the work behind it. Besides, I tend tie everything back to writing anyway. I have a pretty one-track mind when it comes to that. So hopefully you won’t mind the slight detours from time to time.


But of course, if you do mind, please feel free to let me know! I look forward to any feedback you have.

Have fun!

Without further adieu, thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy your stay!

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