Writing Method: Plot Structure by Jenna Moreci (Printable Worksheets)

The first page of worksheet based on Jenna Moreci's plot structure video.

A summary (+ worksheets) of a novel plotting method developed by Youtuber and indie author, Jenna Moreci.

Book Notes: “The Dip” by Seth Godin – Knowing When to Quit

A picture of the book cover for "The Dip" written by Seth Godin, with the following text beside it: "Annotated"

I was always under the impression that successful people finish what they started. In "The Dip", Seth Godin posits that successful people are really serial quitters. They’re just better able to determine when to quit and when to stick with something to the very end. And in his book, summarized below, Godin outlines a criteria …

Free eBook Out Now! First as an Indie Author. Short Story. 15 minute read. Would Love an Honest Review :)

Click here to get it on Amazon Kindle now! For Cassie, this was a special day. It was the last day their usual dinner guest would be joining them. After tonight, she would finally be free. It's free until June 4th, 2021, so make sure to grab a copy while you can! Would be grateful …

Printable – Daily Expense Logsheet

Best way to get a handle on your expenses is to keep track. Accompanying Article: What Being 40k in Debt Taught Me about Personal Finance Excerpt: "I once had a friend who was extremely generous. She bought her sister a laptop, her parents whatever they wanted and just as she was about to run out …

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