How to Use Your Emotions to Amp Your Productivity

First Things First…Figure Out Your Planning Method You’re gonna need this before you can put your emotions to work for you. Check out the planning method in the video below: It is essentially a simplified version of most productivity tips out there and I’m a sucker for simplicity. Her productivity toolkit basically contains a: daily…

Daily Gems – Measure & Confidence

Insights: View Your Bank Account Daily Aka the ‘track yourself’ advice. Akin to making a daily journal of just a list of what you ate or what expenses you’ve incurred. What was the saying? “What gets measured, gets managed.” Know that You Add Value in Some Way This is something I struggle with a lot….

Top 10 Insights to Help Set Up a Writing Habit

The secret to success is in the habits you possess. One vital thing that sets successful writers apart from the ones that never make it are their habits. Their ability to come back to their work day after day, regardless of zombie apocalypses and new episodes of Orange is the New Black. Chris Fox correctly identifies…

Words of a Recovering Perfectionist

I’ve always been the one to hustle, thinking if I worked hard enough I would never be for lack of options. And I never was. But then I became someone with too MANY options along with a curse of indecisiveness.To top it off, I was stressed out all the time. I didn’t think life could be led a different way….