Words of a Recovering Perfectionist

I’ve always been the one to hustle, thinking if I worked hard enough I would never be for lack of options. And I never was. But then I became someone with too MANY options along with a curse of indecisiveness.To top it off, I was stressed out all the time. I didn’t think life could be led a different way.

But I had a friend who believed life was all about being happy. And at first, I didn’t believe him. Because I had gotten everything I (thought I had) wanted and he was still struggling. I felt my way of living life was better, albeit harder. My strongest belief was that nothing came for free or without some sort of suffering. So I felt I had to pay the price of being stressed in order to achieve the things I wanted and he worked with the exact opposite mindset. But at the time, both our lives reflected the reality I thought to be true.

Lately, however, he’s been experiencing a lot of success in all aspects of his life. And it’s mainly because of his patience and unrelenting work ethic. What’s funny is that while we work roughly the same amount (it varies depending on where we are in life), the difference is that I work with stress and he works without it.

He just does what he does. No expectations other than a requirement to just do the work. Or try. He’s not disappointed because he never had any expectations to begin with. He just wants to try something different and fun. And he succeeds. Which leads me to believe that he’s going to end up even bigger than he is now. He has that quality in him.

And I’m glad because it’s through his example that I learn: life is about being happy and working hard, but without being attached to the outcome or striving for absolute perfection. The more you do and the more you try, the better you get. And you can accomplish all that without sacrificing your happiness.


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