Disclaimer for GWUWI’s Blog

Although the main/higher purpose of this site is positive (“green where you water it”) and I will include book notes, lessons learned, tips on wilderness survival (or not), the blog will contain all aspects of my personality…and some of it can be downright GWUWI (pronounced: “gooey” to illustrate that it can also be ‘muddy where you water it’). See how I did that? Eh? Eh? I am the MASTER of double meanings. Go ahead, feel free to bask in my awesomeness. 

So here I am to issue a fair warning: there will be a lot of “verbal” diarrhea on the blog portion of this site. It’s mainly created as a dumping ground for all my intrusive, repetitive thoughts in an attempt to purge myself or (hopefully) work through them. (I will make an effort of separating these entries under the “Personal” category, so you can skip them if you like.)

I’m not sure why, but I’m going to make this public. Maybe to feel like someone is actually listening to this (without me having to burden my friends/family) or maybe to come across people who might be experiencing the same thing(s) as me. I realize this may cause me to filter thoughts and that may take away from the experience, so as a preventive measure, I have tried to keep this as anonymous as possible, as well as trying continuously to remind myself that I am writing this for me.

This means that this blog can be used for anything. It can be me trying to write critically in order to improve my writing or it can be me doing free associations and writing whatever comes to mind with no respect for punctuation or grammar. It can be me talking about my stresses over and over or it can be me sharing my positive thoughts, goals or dreams. I can write for the future, talk to the past, or work things out with the present me. I can revisit old issues and bring up new ones and explore absolutely random, unconnected topics (and be redundant about it if I so please).

The only thing I know for sure is that I will most probably overthink things and that’s ok, because this is my dumping ground and that’s what it will be used for, so here’s to hopefully a great adventure trudging through the ruins (and maybe a few meadows) of my mind. (Too cheesy? Couldn’t resist. I’ll try harder next time.)


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