Stay Upright

Moses said to his people, “Seek help in Allah, and be patient. The earth belongs to Allah. He gives it in inheritance to whomever He wills of His servants, and the future belongs to the righteous.”

– Quran Chapter 7, verse 128

The future belongs to the righteous, the people who do well, stick to the right path, are sincere, delay gratification, understand that if it’s not happening right now, it’s a temporary state, no matter how long it might take. It’s temporary. It will pass, keep going, stay strong, and have faith. Lack of faith is when you begin to believe the state you’re in is permanent and it’ll never change. But that’s never the case. Everything is temporary. So long as you stay upright, righteous, you will always come out the victor. You will always grow and get better. With each challenge you will get through it and become a stronger, better version of yourself.


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