Daily Gems – Routines

“Think, act, eat, rest. So what are we talking about? We’re talking about a schedule. I realized my strength is in my routine. Why? Because I’m not as strong as I thought I was. I’m not as intelligent as I thought I was. I don’t want it as bad as I thought I wanted it. It’s in my routine. It’s what I do, everyday, repeatedly.

“I just helped somebody out. You struggling because you don’t have a routine. [You might’ve gotten what you wanted], but you messed up everything else in your life. You lost all your friends because you didn’t have a schedule.

“The DNA of your success is in your routine. You’re not as deep as you think you are. You gotta find a routine. ‘I’m getting up at 3’, and stick with it. ‘I’m getting up at 5’, and stick with it. Yeah out of 365 days, you’re gonna have a bad day or two, but I’m telling you, the strength is in the routine. Find a routine and stick with it.”

– Eric Thomas


The way he phrased it sparked a light bulb moment. We all hear about the power of habits and consistency, but the why never really solidified in my mind. The way Eric Thomas explained that our strength falters, but our routines never do made the why of creating habits really click into place for me. We might not feel like working out, working, writing, exercising, eating right, but if we have a routine in place and we stick with it, all that gets done. Our strength lies in our routine.

The why, the argument for creating habits. Habits build our strength, hold us up, keep us safe, keep us moving in the right direction, even on the days we don’t feel like moving.

What’s your reason for using routines?



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